The main aim of this course is to train social physicians/scientist with multi-displinary mind-set and pragmatic approach to make them them contributory participants in the process of enhancing the nation's economy  and process of Nation building. It is our constant endeavor to make our students the backbone of our nation and a complete human being. To fulfill this aims we have designed following objectives:

    To function as the social scientist by providing sociological consciousness among the students in particular and the public in general through teachings, research, publication, seminars, public lectures etc, in order to improve the livelihood of the society and the nation at large.

    To train and provides competent graduates with intellectual fervor that will make them at par with peers from any University world over.

    The philosophy underlying the degree programme in Sociology is to produce a crop of graduates equipped with appropriate knowledge, well acquainted with contemporary social issues so that they can effectively contribute into the development of Nigeria and make their presence known in the global community, having been exposed to broad foundation of knowledge in the various sub-fields of sociology in particular.Thus our students will have effective role in the nation building as the citizen of Nigeria,Africa.

    The Department of Sociology, Yobe State University, is one of the pioneer Departments which come into existence when the University commenced its academics activities in 2006-2007. The date of establishment of this Department is 17th MARCH, 2007. In October 2009, the Department reinstated the degree program for the 2009-2010 academic session with twenty six (26) students registered into 100 level B.Sc. Sociology. Presently, the Department has eleven (11) academic Staff.The Department currently has a total 84 students. In preparing students for degree program, the Department provides input from Sociology, Anthropology and Social Statistics.


     I welcome the students of Department of Sociology to take this subject as main course. As a student of Anthropology myself, i have studied sociology and found it quite fascinating because it not only makes you understand the theories of social systems but gets you acquainted with the social processes too, and addresses the issues related to social development, systematically. While studying Sociology we work closely with every aspect of the society and people.




    Head of Department

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